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Pink Slimed

Diction matters.

By now we’ve all heard about pink slime, the reclaimed beef product made from meat trimmings that are heated, separated from  fat, treated to kill bacteria and added to ground beef. Federal food inspectors have deemed the stuff … Read the rest

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An Inconvenient Truth

I received a telephone call earlier this year from the communications staff at a large association that represents and lobbies for some of the country’s most prestigious organizations. (For the sake of the association, I’m being intentionally vague.) They were … Read the rest

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Damn Good Advice

A Madison Avenue maverick who served as the model for Mad Men’s Don Draper has good advice for advertising’s next generation of pitchmen. Building brands is about more than simply wowing consumers with powerful images on Retina displays. Somehow, words … Read the rest

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Sweet Sixteen: Birmingham-Southern College

[During the next few weeks, we will post excerpts from our new book, Sweet Sixteen: Great Colleges of the South.]

Birmingham-Southern College

If Birmingham-Southern’s academic program is the foundation for students’ success, then faculty members are the pillars upon … Read the rest

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The Necessity of Editing

This is one of my favorite newsroom jokes:

An editor and a reporter are in a plane that crashes in a vast desert. They are the only survivors. When it becomes apparent that no one is coming to their rescue, … Read the rest

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Hello, World.

Welcome to The Pulley Group blog.

Our website went live yesterday, February 28, 2012. Our first post hits the blogosphere today, Leap Day. My intention is to post more frequently than once every four years.

The blog will have two … Read the rest

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