Our Story

In the beginning (aka 2006), our founder ignored Hunter S. Thompson’s words of caution (“Writing is a hard dollar.”) and created The Pulley Group–a gang of one. He had no discernible business acumen, no marketing background, no web site. Within months, though, he had all the editorial work he could handle. From there he began recruiting like-minded content providers. Referrals and repeat business–from colleges and universities, foundations, associations, corporations and individuals–keep them busy.

Along the way, Pulley discovered two things: First, organizations of all types and sizes need help in creating effective editorial content. Yet too often they don’t have ready access to editorial professionals. Second, businesses that provide a service thrive on referrals and repeat business–or they die. Taking care of clients is imperative.

At The Pulley Group, content is king and customers rule.

Our Promise

The Pulley Group will be clear at the outset of every project about what we will deliver. We will adhere to a professional editorial process and meet deadlines. We will give you what you want, when you want it, without hassles. We won’t be happy until you’re happy.