Our Edge

The Pulley Group functions as a virtual newsroom. We give clients access to content development professionals—without the expense and hassle of  keeping an in-house editorial staff. As with any credible newsroom, we abide by journalistic principles, standards and processes. We are expert at conceptualizing stories, gathering information and transforming raw material into entertaining, edifying content. We are passionate about the power of language. We believe that well-conceived ideas and expertly crafted content can move minds. We create content in a number of forms:

  • white papers
  • books
  • magazine content
  • opinion pieces
  • blogs
  • special reports
  • event coverage

To Blog or Not to Blog?

It's a great question. A well-conceived and expertly executed blog can be a cost-effective way for organizations to make meaningful connections with targeted audiences. Moreover, blogs are highly customizable. We can help you to determine what blogging solution is right for you. Ask us.

Visit John Pulley's NextGov blog.

What Makes us Different

The Pulley Group The Other Guys
Our team of journalists rely on decades of newsroom experience to create exceptional content. Most freelance writers are one-person operations that lack a team’s inherent advantages.
Our team follows a rigorous editorial process and adheres to generally accepted journalistic practices. Eager to generate cash flow, many freelancers resort to cutting corners and cranking out copy.
Before beginning work on a project, our team clearly defines the goals of clients’ projects. Unskilled freelancers often begin  projects before understanding the objective, with predictable results.
Our team has the resources to complete projects on time and to clients’ precise specifications. Sole practitioners can become overwhelmed with workflow, leading to missed deadlines.
Our team has expertise across many sectors and a collective knowledge that spans many subjects. A freelancer’s breadth of expertise and knowledge is necessarily limited by the experience of one person.